Oculus Rift: Bat Advanture


Bat Game
project by Pierce Wolcott, Hang Ye, Cullen Paradise, and myself.

Oculus Rift, pull-cord controller, Unity

Our group decided to make a bat flying simulator. The camera controller is connected to the Oculus, giving the player the first-person experience of flying through dark caves. The player tilts their head toward their shoulders to turn the bat left and right, rotating the head just increases the view angle and allows the player to see their wings flapping. Tilting forward and back angles the view up and down as well as pitching the model up and down. The added functionality from Professor Li’s pull-cord controller gives us a complete sense of immersion by allowing the player to flap their own arms to control movement speed and altitude. The level we designed to look like a cave contains very few lights and makes the green glow of the bat the only way to navigate towards the rings we placed around the cave. There is no goal to the game and play length depends on how immersed the player becomes in the simulation.
We wanted to give people a true, yet entertaining simulation, that utilizes all the good aspects of the Oculus and doesnt cause nausea. While there remains some tuning issues with the control we found most people enjoyed the experience of being a bat and we personally enjoyed watching the players flap blindly like a bat.